Woodhouse Road, Donvale

Woodhouse Road, Donvale is a unique contemporary residence nestled within a semi-rural context. Our clients brief was to design something which was exemplary, earthy, original, and oasis like within its context.  The dwelling is sited at the rear of a battle axe site with modest falls.  The axis of the land parcel is tricky and skewed to the orientation of the site access. As a basis for the design concept, this skewed axis flows through the house as a curved element encompassing the entrance and external facade through to the internal zones as a spine through the building which travels through the main central corridor circulation space.  This organic and powerful design gesture is offset by rectilinear forms with glazed and cladded elements which transcend various scales on the facades. Further integration of natural materials such as timber cladding and stone to facades and eaves contribute to create a static sense of flow in the facades towards a centralised courtyard space.  This becomes the focal point for the house, where the shimmering waters of the pool wrap around the building, and the external space is integrated with the internal living spaces of the dwelling through large glazed façade elements offering various experiences and relationships between specific internal zones. The existing landscape qualities of the site become highlighted and are enhanced within this proposal. Woodhouse Road is a project that responds to the site positively, and satisfies our clients lifestyle requirements with elegance and sophistication.