Pultney Street, Dandenong

Pultney Street, Dandenong is an 8 townhouse development, comprising of four 2 bedroom dwellings which are three storeys high, and four 3 bedroom dwellings which are two storeys high. The two storey dwellings feature at the front, rear and middle of the site with three storey dwellings located in between. This sequence of height changes between the dwellings creates a sense of fluidity in the proposed forms and decreases any sense of visual bulk when viewed from adjoining interfaces.  A space is also provided in between the two centre dwellings as a visual break of the continuous form separating the proposal into two elements. The design has two long interfaces which relate to site access, one for the pedestrian, and one for vehicles.  These two interfaces provide for different experiences when within the site.  The architecture is also quite contemporary in its composition and use of materials. Several patterns are used with in the cladding elements and blades and frame like features further articulate facades, creating a development design which is also visually appealing.