Ian Grove, Mount Waverley

Ian Grove, Mount Waverley is a grand scale French Provincial style residence which was recently constructed.  Our clients brief was to design something which was exemplary and which demonstrated a sense of classical sophistication. The resulting design utilises ornamental façade compositions and grand proportions. Façade treatments act as layers of refinement lifting the building form and adding detailed articulation to its appearance.  The internal design and layout allows for a great sense of flow through spacious and opulent corridor spaces.  The living spaces to the rear descend down into the site working with the site topography whilst accentuating a sense of grandeur in the substantial height within these open living zones.  The flow progresses beyond into the external landscape and pool zones in the rear yard which were an important consideration of this design.  The upstairs zones are encapsulated around an open stair case and void with circulation spaces and a retreat space flowing off this centralised zone.  The stair features allow for the classical elegance achieved in this proposal to integrate between the levels.  The interiors are a successful fusion of classical with contemporary styling.  Ian Grove is a showcase for Archiphor’s abilities to work within various styles of architecture, to be ambitious, and to achieve our client’s vision.